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While creating a website presence is an expense, it is a necessary one. In today’s business world – including organizations with members or clients – a website is the vehicle that the majority of people will use to find you. They will at least get their initial information from your website before deciding to do business with you. According to the last United States census, over 75% of American households have an Internet connection – Googling is now commonly used as a verb in reference to looking up information on the web. In order for your prospective customers or members to find you, you must have a web presence! After the initial design and set-up, website hosting and updating can be accomplished at a minimal cost.

We’ll help you determine what kind of site will work best for you and your budget. Add an affordable package for hosting & content updates, or let us do the hard work and you can handle the rest!

Don’t let the unknown or a bad experience keep you from getting the word out about your business or passion – we’re here to help!



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