17 Jul

get on the email marketing bandwagon for $20 + 1 day per month


Do you have $20 and 1 day per Month?

In case you haven’t heard, email, or ‘content’ marketing is the Hot Hot Hot way to market to your prospects and clients – your subscribers – without a hard sell. Not that you need to be sneaky with your advertising – they won’t forget that you’re trying to get their house listing or put braces on their children’s teeth – but you need to make the sale secondary by providing related, useful information first. It can be done for free or as little as $20 per month plus a day or less of your time.email_marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the consistent, automated sending of newsletter-like emails to your subscribers in order to stay in touch with them. Its purpose is to keep you in the forefront of their mind so that when they do need your product or service, they think of you.

What Should You Include in Your Email?

Marketing experts suggest that only 1 out of every 3 of your marketing messages be directly about your service or product. The other two should be interesting, timely, and somewhat general, so that even if the recipient is not in the market for your cupcakes or painting their home, your news is still of value to them. This creates a relationship over time and that is what will make people think of you when they need you. The ratio of 1 to 3 applies to blog posts, too.

Just as the DeBartolo newsletters we all receive, about the building of the Ka Makana Ali’I Shopping Center, have a recipe on the back, your email marketing can include articles that have nothing to do with your business, but is of interest to anyone reading it. Come up with three items for your email newsletter:

  1. indirectly related to your business – a realtor could write about home maintenance
  2. not related to your business – networking groups in the area that you like
  3. something about your business – a new product, some facts, a sale or event

Once you have your topics, do any necessary research to be sure you have the facts, and then write your article:

  1. Keep it short – 5-10 sentences for each article is fine so you can keep reading time to 3 minutes.
  2. Make it visual – each article should have an image that is copyright free and matches the tone and subject.
  3. Be authentic – write about topics that you are familiar with and care about.
  4. Be sure to proofread it and site any references you used, especially if you quoted them.

How Should You Send It?Constant Contact

While you can of course just create a layout and email your contacts from Outlook® or Gmail®, even creating groups so you can quickly choose who to target, there is a better, inexpensive way. One of my favorite email marketing companies is Constant Contact®. For $20 per month you can email up to 500 people, use all of their resources like design layout, contact management, list-building tools, tracking, social media sharing tools, and more. Constant Contact’s vast amount of features make the small investment worthwhile – they usually offer two months free!

Staying in touch with your business contacts has never been easier – it’s worth your time. Call me for a quote to help you with your Constant Contact campaign and watch your business grow!

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