20 Aug

5 ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur


It can be a lonely road when you’re running your own business. Without a team to collaborate with and pick up the slack, you can find yourself in a slump. Brief meetings with clients or the occasional networking luncheon may give you a momentary boost, but when you’re locked away in your office for hours at a time, your mind can wander easily.motivate_entrepreneur

Here are some quick and simple ideas to keep the wheels turning and the enthusiasm churning!

  1. Write down your goals. You’ve heard this for years, but that’s because it gets results. In one study of Harvard MBA students, only 3% had written down their goals. 10 years later, those 3% had 10 times more annual income then the 84% that had no thought about goals. 13% of the students had goals, but had not written them down – they were making twice as much as the 84%. Write them down and stick them on your wall! Read More @ http://www.forbes.com/sites/85broads/2014/04/08/why-you-should-be-writing-down-your-goals/
  2. Collaborate with a colleague. Just like it helps to get you to the gym if you have a friend to go with, scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with a colleague will help keep you honest. Discuss what you each want to accomplish such as wanting to contact one new prospect every day, or entering all of your contacts into your CRM program. Holding each other accountable will motivate you to get that task done before the next meeting.
  3. Post past successes – on your office wall. What was your best-selling item last year? Or the most expensive home you sold? What event did you host that was the most fun? Print out a photo or news article about it and hang it up! If that’s too old school for you, make it the wallpaper on your computer or smart phone.
  4. Try or learn something new! Nothing gets the juices flowing like learning a new skill or trying something you’ve been meaning to, but never get around to. I needed to re-learn how to remove all the color but one out of a photo for one of my clients. Although I had done it years ago, it was so exciting to see the pop of bright red coming through on the otherwise black and white photo.
  5. Volunteer. This is such a win/win situation but can be easily forgotten in today’s lightning fast world. The benefits run deep and are at minimum two-fold. Write down the skills you use in your business and think of how they can be applied to the organizations in your life. Church, your son’s baseball team, your mother’s assisted living home, the networking group you attend. Offer your services and make someone smile. I guarantee you will be inspired.

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